Rob Bryer's 2019 Fishing Opener Start-Up

Greetings from Lake Vermilion. Welcome to the 2019 season. There is still plenty of ice on the lake. The ice anglers chasing crappies are still out and finding a few.

We had our spring fisheries meeting. The walleye numbers on the east side dipped a little from previous years. Possibly due to a cold front during the time so fish patterns were probably affected during that time. The numbers on the west side showed another noticeable increase. Also encouraging was the strong up and coming year class. So again our walleye fisheries remain healthy. The yellow perch numbers were up, with a noticeable increase in jumbo perch. Both the Smallmouth and Largemouth numbers were up with numbers of larger fish increased. The Musky fisheries still remain strong these fish numbers are harder to access. The good news there is that this year they will be stocking 3K musky juveniles. The big news on the Northern pike is that starting this year the limit will be two fish. Protected slot will be 30" to 40". One allowed over 40".

So with all said no matter which species you'll be targeting you should exspect good success.

As far as equipment, make sure your line on your fishing reels has been replaced, reels cleaned and oiled.

Rods should be checked for any compromises, flaws on the eyes. Tackle should be checked, hooks sharpened.

I like to get the tackle I need bought as early as possible. Lots of certain baits will be harder to find as we get nearer the opener.

Go through the boat thoroughly, batteries charged,gas new or been properly treated. Make sure required number of PFD are on board and working, proper safety equipment is on board and working, first aid kit, throwable device , and what else is required for the size of your boat. Make sure you have your 2019 Minnesota fishing license and your watercraft license is also current. My best guess on ice out will be towards the last part of April. My next report will be once ice is out and we start our crappie fishing.

Be safe and have a good month.

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service