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Submitted: June 12, 2018

Our walleye bite has definitely picked up, I been getting consistent fish on different presentations, jig /minnows around the mid depth rocks in the sand, lindy rigging also been productive,minnows with some on leeches.
The breaks in the 14-18 ft been holding fish as long as the wind is blowing across them. Again jigs and minnows or rigging with minnows or leeches. We've been doing well in the shallows on slip bobbers and leeches again you need the wind dictating these spots. Again be mobile and flexible change up baits and presentations, some fish are being caught on crawlers so you need to keep them with.
My smallmouth fishing was slow the fish were scattered, nice fish but didn't get the numbers, senkos and twister tale grubs in brown and green pumpkin did best.
Stay safe and Good Fishing!

Earlier Reports

Submitted: June 4, 2018

Once again mother nature threw us a challenge. Most of of past walleye bite was shallow until a couple days ago when a strong cold front came through, surface water temperatures dropped over 10 degrees and the walleye bite dramatically slowed! Last couple days we been finding fish in 20 - 22 ft in the sand on the edge of structure. Been catching a few fish up around 12-14 on the wind swept breaks. Leeches on lindy rigs been doing best for me, but with the cooler weather I had some action on jigs and minnows, so until things stabilize try rigging with leeches and minnows. Smallmouth action still has been consistent, fish should move on to their beds soon. Still getting panfish on small tube and hair jigs up against the pencil reeds.
No doubt this week will be challenging, but should pick up, stay mobile and keep changing things up!
Best of luck, stay safe.

Submitted: May 27, 2018

With this last weeks weather the walleye bite been a little more challenging, some fish are being caught still in the 18 to 24 feet best on lindy rig and minnows or leeches.Jig and minnows also. But alot of fish have moved up shallow, and I've had good days in 6 to 8ft with slip bobbers and leeches, be mobile, if your not finding active fish keep moving and switching up presentations till you do.The evening bite has been very good trolling rapalas or pitching jig/ minnows, and slip bobbers and leeches! Smallmouth have really kept moving in up on the shorelines,casting plastics and crank baits and slip bobbers and leeches are doing well!
Catching panfish up against the dead pencil reeds with small plastics, or hair jigs in the 1/32 oz.under floats been my best producers.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

Spring time in northern Minnesota, as they say if you don't like the weather wait a little while as it'll change.
Well pretty much somes up last week the warm weather mid week kept our walleye bite fairly consistent. I kept with my program fishing 18 - 24ft jigs/ minnows,lindy rigs and minnows working just a little better. Keep moving if not getting bit,evenings are producing fish with slip bobbers and minnows and some on leeches fished shallow. Pulling stick baits on the shallow shoreline flats are also producing. The crappie bite also picked up by mid week ,small tube jigs or hair jigs 1/16,1/32 oz couple ft below a float working along the shore lines, always keep crappie minnows on board if the artificial baits don't produce. The smallmouth are starting to move up shallow, I like a jig and brown pumpkinseed tube, but also try shallow running crank baits.
The City Auto Glass Classic walleye tournament was held this past Saturday. We were faced with a major cold front the morning of the tournament, strong winds rain and cooler temps, it made for challenging fishing, but regardless some nice fish wete caught and it was a very fun event, and well organized!
With the holiday weekend coming up be extra careful and all the best of luck out there.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

It all came together with ice out coming just days before the opener! The weather has been summer l ike since Saturday and will continue to be for the next few days. With the water temperatures in the mid to upper forties we been fishing our walleye in the 24 -28 ft range. Jig/ minnow or lindy rig and minnows were our presentation, good numbers of 15+ " fish were caught with slot fish also. Trolling stickbaits or shallow running shad body crank baits produced very well in the darker water bays. So far my crappie bite has been slow but exspect it to start picking up in the next week as water temps warm. With the City Auto Glass walleye tournament next Saturday alot of us will be pre fishing this week. So again with the cold water temperatures please wear your personal flotation device and make sure all other safety equipment is on board. Please help keep Lake Vermilion free of new aquatic invasive species, clean and drain!
Stay safe, have fun, best of luck fishing!

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