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Submitted: September 27, 2017

As summer weather tried to hold on, it finally let go and the more seasonal temperature has arrived. Our fall walleye pattern is starting to set up my best bite was in 25 to 28 ft, jig and minnows did the best on the deeper fish, though from experience these fish will bite on slip sinker rigs again with a minnow. We have got some fish shallower on the mud/sand flats 12 to 15 ft rigging with minnows. Jigging raps have put fish in the boat also.
Well this will be my last report for the 2017 open water season. It was a great year, alot of fish were caught with a noticeable increase in size. The fish clients kept were nice eating size fish. Now is really a great time to be on Lake Vermilion, the fall colors are starting to paint the landscape, our fall walleye and musky fishing is only going to keep getting better. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I will be out on the water off and on but most of my days coming up will be in the duck blind or following a yellow lab through the grouse woods.
Till next season take care, have a safe winter, and see you on the water in 2018.

Submitted: September 20, 2017

Our walleye bite this past week really was good. We got alot of fish shallower this week, fish the sand mud flats 12 to 15 ft rigging with minnows did better than crawlers, but as always be flexible with what you offer them. I got nice fish jigging with minnows on the rocks in 15 to 20 ft. Some of the guides are getting fish on the deeper structures 24 plus, jigging or rigging, again with minnows and crawlers. Jigging raps and Rapala flat jigs working well also this past week. The lead core trolling was once again very productive in the deeper basins. Get up and enjoy the fall colors on this beautiful lake. The fishing for walleye and musky will only keep getting better.
Stay safe, good fishing and tight lines,

Submitted: September 14, 2017

Went from fall weather last week to summer weather this past week, and the walleye bite reacted with it, being mobile is the key for the next few weeks until our fall patterns set up. On the windy days we found fish from 12 to 16 ft. Slip sinker rigging either crawlers or minnows each day is different, on calmer brighter days same presentation in deeper water 20 plus ft, look for these fish off deeper structure, minnows probably produced more of the deeper fish, jigging raps and jig minnow did produce at certain times. The lead core trolling in the deeper basins 25 plus feet was the most consistent producer.The weather is forecast to get cooler so this may move fish into the deeper holes, again the key for the next few weeks is be mobile and try different approaches, on windy days don't be afraid to go shallow. Look for the smallmouth on the deeper structures, but they will move shallow on warmer days. I do best still with the crayfish pattern crank baits or brown tube jigs. Enjoy the start of the fall colors.
Good fishing, stay safe,

Submitted: September 7, 2017

With the unofficial end of summer fall like weather arrived this past week. Our walleye bite continues to be doing well, rigging with crawlers and minnows in the shallower wind blown shorelines 8 to 12 ft produced well as did the same presentation on the deeper flats or breaks 12 to 20 ft. Jigging with minnows is also doing well. Trolling lead core with crank baits in the deeper basins has been a steady producer this past week. The shallower trolling has triggered walleyes in the mud bottom bays also. With the cooler water temperatures look for the smallmouth on the shallower rock piles and along the shorelines.
Good luck, stay safe. Tight lines ,

Submitted: August 31, 2017

Our walleye bite continues to be strong. Rigging with crawlers or minnows still producing on the breaks in 12 to 18ft or the sand flats in 16 to 20 ft. As the water has gotten cloudy do to the algae bloom,walleye will move shallow on the wind swept shores tight enough to catch with slip bobbers and minnows, but on the windy days target them in the shallower mud bays. Smallmouth easily found on the rock piles, done well this past week on the shallower rock piles.
This past week we held our annual Take a Veteran fishing event, hundred vets attended from WW two through present day, an excellent time was had, fish were caught, many thanks to the boat operators, the volunteers and businesses that make this the great event it is. It's a great privilege to do this for the men and women that have done so much for our country.
Have a safe Labor Day weekend,

Submitted: August 21, 2017

It was an interesting week chasing our walleye. No two days were alike, fish seem to move daily, but all in all fishing was fairly good. Still lindy rigging with crawlers or minnows are the best presentation. Deeper weed lines or sand and rock structure in 14 to 20 ft were our best producers.
Now is also a great time to long line shallow running crank baits on the shallow flats especially in the evening. As the smallmouth continue to feed heavy on the crayfish the rock piles are holding fish, try both shallow and deep structures with plastics or crayfish pattern crank baits.
Be safe, best of luck.

Submitted: August 16, 2017

This past week saw a change in our walleye bite. We are still getting good numbers of fish but they're on the move. Look on the edges of the rocks in the sand 14 to 21 ft. Lindy rigging with crawlers are first choice, minnows second. I am getting enough fish on minnows where it's worth having both on board. On the windy days try half a crawler on the shallower rock piles surrounded by deep water under slip bobbers.
Good fishing, be safe.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

This last week our walleye bite has been very consistent, either the deeper sand flats 12 to 18ft or the sand around the rocks same depth. Crawlers and minnows are producing fished on a lindy rig.
Reports of crappies doing well on the weed line breaks in Norwegian and Wakeum up bays - slip bobbers with either crawlers, minnows or plastics.
Smallmouth can still be found on the deeper rock structure or shallow early morning, the docks are holding fish also.
Good luck, stay safe.

Submitted: August 2, 2017

This last week dealt us some of the hottest temperature of the summer, water temperatures rose to the mid to upper 70's, the walleye bite slowed down during the heat but has since picked back up. Slip sinker rigging in the deeper sand flats 16 to 24ft, or on the edges of the deeper rock structure in the sand, crawlers are best bet.
The days that the wind blew we got fish up to 12ft against the windblown shorelines.
Smallmouth are going to be on the deeper rocks, they're feeding heavy on crayfish, but on the quite early mornings go after them with topwater against the shorelines, look for the rocks mixed with the pencil reeds.
Lots of pleasure boats on the water, especially on the weekends now, be aware, stay safe, good fishing.
Tight lines.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

Our walleye bite continues to be doing well, fish are feeding on crayfish and perch. So again concentrate on the deeper reefs on the edges 16 to 24ft ft or deeper weed lines 14 to 18ft. Most all our fish been crawlers on slip sinker rigs, again these fish will move in to a wind swept shoreline 8-12 ft in the shallower mud/sand bays. Still getting some smallmouth on the shallower rock piles, but the bigger fish are moving on to the deeper structures. Crank baits and plastics in crayfish patterns are key.
Pike action was good casting the weed beds on the edge of deeper water, swim baits in fire tiger perch did better than spinner baits.
As always stay safe, good luck, tight lines. Rob

Submitted: July 19, 2017

It's been a good week of fishing, our walleye bite continues to be strong. The key is the fish are feeding now on the young perch. Look at the deeper breaks off the weed lines 12 to 18 ft, or off the deeper rocks 18 to 24ft, half a crawler on slip sinker rig, as always color of the hook is important ,red hook with a green bead, gold with a red bead, start with at least a 30" snell. When the wind blows look in the shallower bays, Getting walleyes also on slip bobbers with leeches or part of a crawler, some on the shallower rock, most on the deeper structures. All my smallmouth been coming off the shallower rock piles still, again slip bobbers, or plastics and crank baits will get you fish.
We just completed another Take a Kid fishing event,very successful around a hundred kids, a lot of fish were caught, weather cooperated, great time for all, Many thanks to everyone and the businesses that make this happen. Good luck, stay safe, tight lines. Rob

Submitted: July 13, 2017

The Mayfly hatch is over and the walleye bite has been doing okay, the deeper reefs are holding fish look around the 18 to 22ft depths rigging with half a crawler is the best presentation. Been getting walleyes also in the shallower mud bays in 10 to 12ft best where the wind is blowing in. The walleye bite should keep improving as we start getting into our late summer patterns. Smallmouth are being found on the shallower rock piles, they're feeding heavy on crayfish so try brown pumpkinseed plastics or crayfish pattern crank baits. Be safe- good fishing.

Submitted: July 5, 2017

The Mayfly hatch is still ongoing on the lake, so the fish are feeding heavy on these hatches, but we're still getting walleyes, these fish been coming off of the deeper rock structure lindy rigging with half a night crawlers. I been finding those fish in 18 to 24ft. I've gotten some fish in the deeper flats 12 to 20 ft, fishing these where the wind is blowing into the shore, again rigging with half a crawler. Smallmouth being caught along shorelines and shallow off shore rock piles, I prefer the crayfish pattern crank baits or brown senkos or grubs fished on a lighter jig head, topwater baits are good option on the quite mornings. Summer is in full swing on the lake, so be safe with all the boat traffic, good fishing.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

The biggest challenge now is the Mayfly hatch is really starting to get more widespread, we're still getting walleyes either the shallower wind blown shorelines in the mud bays, rigging with crawlers doing the best, or on the deeper sand flats or reefs again rigging either leeches or crawlers. Be mobile, keep looking. This is getting into the time of year when if your new to the lake hiring a guide with many years of experience on Lake Vermilion will be beneficial, the Lake Vermilion guides league website is a good place to find one, good luck and be safe.

Submitted: June 19, 2017

Fishing has stayed fairly consistent, I have stayed on walleyes slip bobbers and leeches up on shallow rock humps, or lindy rigging on the sand or mud with crawlers doing better than leeches. Most of these fish have been in 10-18 feet, nice numbers of keeping size fish and alot of slot fish. Smallmouth have been hitting plastics either tubes on jigs or senkos fished wacky or Texas rigged along the shorelines, good numbers and nice fish, be safe, good luck.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

The last seven days seen a big change in the walleye bite, early last week seen some tough fishing, but it definitely turned around, we have consistently been doing really well, good numbers of nice fish to keep along with fish in the slot. All my fish have come fishing leeches under slip bobbers along the shorelines in shallow water along windward shores or lindy rigging in 10 to 15 ft, I would expect this upcoming week will see more fish moving out to mid lake structure, Smallmouth are doing well, still seeing a few fish on beds but majority of the spawn is over, shorelines seem to be holding best numbers, stay safe and good fishing.

Submitted: June 6, 2017

The walleye bite has been still a little inconsistent, we have a good days with the adverse weather fishing shallow myself doing best on leeches and slip bobbers, the deeper bite (15-20 ft) on the mud or sand is transitioning from minnows to leeches on lindy rigs, though I still have picked fish up on jigs and minnows. Some fish have come off crawlers, the warmer weather should get fish more active. Smallmouth are starting to get close to their spawn, so the shallower shoreline breaks are producing more fish. Crappies were still going good on the west shallow bays, again minnows or plastics under bobbers will produce. Since I'm not a Musky guide I've no report other than one in the upper 40's came and checked out the boat while we were anchored, good luck on the lake.

Submitted: June 6, 2017

Fishing improved as last week slid into the holiday weekend, the walleye bite has been improving. I have done well in 15 to 25 ft on jigs or lindy rigging with minnows, a few on rigging with leeches, my best leech bite has been on the rocks with slip bobbers, more bigger fish came in the boat the last few days, the shallow evening bite has been reported as good also. I expect the walleye bite to really kick in this upcoming week with warming temps. Smallmouth are being caught up shallow crank baits and plastics are working well, Crappies are starting to move in to more of the shallower bays either plastics on small jigs or minnows fished under bobbers will produce. Good luck, stay safe on the water.

Submitted: May 22, 2017

We've been on a Rollercoaster of weather patterns lately, and the walleye bite has been all over, we been getting fish in the 20 ft plus up to 8 ft, over sand or mud,minnows either on jigs or lindy rigging still are doing good, some fish on slip bobbers with leeches, smallmouth are starting to show up on the shoreline breaks, crank baits doing good targeting these fish. We had our City Auto Glass walleye classic over the weekend, very fun and successful event, some nice fish entered and I think overall size of fish weighed were larger than previous which is a good indicator of how healthy the lakes walleye are, good fishing.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

The 2017 fishing opener on Vermillion got off to a good start, water temperatures still in the low fifties on most of the big water, with the shallower dark water bays in the middle fifties plus, we had great walleye fishing in the twenty to thirty ft depths, jig minnows and lindy rig minnows, it payed off switching up colors on the jigs and going to strictly lindy rigs, shallow water bite is more evenings right now but will be changing soon, trolling crank baits was also producing in the shallower bays and in the evenings on the shallower shoreline flats, crappies still going good. Good fishing.

Submitted: May 8, 2017

With the warmer temperatures, the crappie bite has steadily improved, small jigs, and minnows all have been producing. The big key is keep mobile, eventually you find them and it's fairly steady action. As of now the main lake temperature is just breaking 50, so even though it was early ice out, be more like a end of April ice out, come walleye opener be flexible, minnows will be the go to bait, either jigging or lindy rigging, maybe leeches in the shallower dark water bays where you find warmer water, good luck, be safe.

Submitted: May 1, 2017

Well, eventually the true spring weather will arrive, the crappies started to bite but due to last week's weather everything got put on hold, but should get back to crappie fishing later this week, once this latest storm clears out, otherwise boats and equipment ready to go for the 2017 soft water season, early season dates still available.

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